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We are completely 100% satisfied with Aaron & Divine Protection. He has put in multiple alarms, set up the Smart Phone, computer, DVR recorder & more for us over the past year. Aaron gives personal customer service to his clients. Whenever we have had any kind of problem Aaron is here immediately taking care of whatever needs done or answering our questions. We are not just an account number & name with Divine Protection.  Aaron truly cares about each one of his customers & their satisfaction. Do not let the reasonable rates (compared to other companies)  cause you to think the security is not great.. We are contacted right away by the monitoring company when we test the alarm system.  We appreciate all the security suggestions for our home & shop that Aaron has given to us on top of having a security system. Look no further than Divine Protection for your security needs, you will be as pleased as we are with Aaron & Divine Protection.

Update as of Nov 2013 Aaron assisted us earlier this month in purchasing a new computer as we are not techie people. We called him because my husband & I trust &  think the world of Aaron & his customer service. We have complete trust in Aaron & his company. We have been customers for several years now & would never consider anyone else. In fact we have recommended him to so many people & no one is dissatisfied.

Author: Elizabeth K.

5.0 star rating


I needed to mount a TV through some porcelain tile above my fireplace. Attempted to drill the holes myself but it was taking way too long. I called Aaron and he was able to schedule coming out within a few days.

Once he was here I was extremely impressed by how professional and courteous he was. He got right to work after taking a look at the space he was working in. Before he started drilling, he asked to take a look at the mount that he was going to be working with. Due to the placement of my studs, the TV would have been mounted slightly off-center. However, he figured out a way for us to drill through the mount to make it a perfectly aligned above the fireplace. He worked quickly, but carefully and was able to get the whole job done in 2 hours.

This was including time that I spent asking him questions about home theater sound systems, etc. He was patient to explain what kind of system I could install with the space I had, but he didn't take more time than necessary. I got the feeling that he really wanted to make sure I was getting my money's worth for his labor. He even brought along some heavy duty wall anchors that are leagues better than what came in the box. He charged me less than the asking price in store and guaranteed that it would hold far higher weight than my TV, and I have a pretty heavy 50" TV from 2009(ish).

He cleaned up afterwards and made sure that the TV was perfectly center and showed me how to operate the knobs in the back so I could adjust the TV myself. There was a very minor chip in the tile that he took the time to point out to me. I really appreciated that he didn't gloss over it. It was such a minor chip that I didn't care, everything I've read online has said that minor chips in tile can be expected, and since it's hidden behind the TV it wasn't a big deal.

In terms of costs, he was a very good deal. I called probably 10 other places and all of them wanted upwards of $400 - $600 to mount the TV, from small outfits, to Magnolia Hi-fi. He charged me around $160 for parts and labor which was well worth it for the excellent job he did. I can't recommend him enough, I'll definitely be using him for all of my home theater/general needs.

Oh, and the day before one of my windows had broke from a branch that randomly fell out of my tree and he even took a look at that and made some recommendations on who to reach out to in order to get a good price for window replacement. All in all, he's very trustworthy, extremely friendly, efficient, and cleans up after his work. Highly, highly recommended.

He was also prompt and on time too!

Author: Jonathan Y.

5.0 star rating


Aaron just finished the project of mounting our TV above the fireplace.  We found him to be fair, honest, reliable and thorough.  He is meticulous about what he is doing and very organized.  Aaron is very kind and though I was home alone during this procedure I was most comfortable having Aaron in our home. We would highly recommend Aaron and his expertise for any job you may have big or small.
The Mickelson's

Author: Duane and Susie M.

5.0 star rating


Aaron of Divine Protection just finished up a 1.5 days  surveillance camera install job at my residence. I must say, just like the first reviewer Eric V. stated, Aaron is super professional and knows what he is doing. My family is very pleased at the work he completed.

I bought one of those all-in-one 8 camera DVR kits from Fry's on Black Friday for a heck of a deal. But I knew that I wasn't going to install it myself, so I sought out to find a professional installer. I found Aaron via the local Craigslist under 'Services' after doing a search. Then I checked here on Yelp and found the 5-star review about his company and decided to give him a call.

I called Aaron up and did an over the phone consultation. He was very knowledgeable and provided a lot of information about his company and his services which made me feel at ease that he was the man for the job.

On the day of the install, Aaron was punctual, courteous and had all of the necessary gear and tools with him. After a brief walk through of my house and listening to what my wants and needs were, he got to work and worked steadily throughout the day going through my crawlspace and attic running the cabling and other wires to the difference parts of my 3,500 sq ft home. It was very labor intensive as I watched him run around all day and I concluded that there was no way a regular joe like myself could have done this installation just out of the box.

On the second day, Aaron returned and finished up the job and ran me through on how to use the surveillance system. Both days, he cleaned up whatever mess was made (which was not much) and every single time that he had to go outside and come back in, he always put back on the shoe booties so as not to track dirt in my house. Any holes that had to be drilled was patched up and not noticeable afterwards. The end result is a professionally installed surveillance camera system with very little exposed wiring that will provide the type of security that I was seeking for my family.

Divine Protection's labor rates are reasonable and I feel that the quality of the work was worth every penny I paid. But more importantly was the customer service; Aaron considered my wants and needs, budget, layout of the house and made sure that the work done encompassed all of that. So whether it's a budget-minded system like mine, or something a little more higher-priced which Aaron can provide as well, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Divine Protection for the installation of your security needs (he does alarms and other related services for home and business).

Thanks so much Aaron!!

Author: Disco B.

5.0 star rating


If you are reading this ... The hard part is over.  Just to be able to find a quality security professional like Aaron is very hard trying google or the phone book.  I had to look in Craigslist and was skeptical at first. But all it took was talking to Aaron for a few minutes and I knew he was the right one for the job.  He fixed and upgraded my old ADT security system. On time, courteous , reasonable priced and his attention to detail is great.  He knows his stuff and I am looking into further upgrades and a video camera system for him to install in the future.  Thanks Aaron

Author: Eric V.

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After reading the glowing reviews I decided to call Aaron.  My trouble started when my alarm would go off every time I tried to set it.  I did various searches on the internet to try and find a way to make it work again.  After multiple attempts I decided to call a professional.  When I called Aaron he was deeply involved with another customer.  He took his time to listen to my problem and help me understand my next steps.  Knowing my system would not work I asked for an appointment.  He was at my door within 90 minutes.
Aaron knew exactly what to do.  He wasted no time trouble shooting my system and not only correcting the problem but taking the time to update the program so it wouldn't happen again.  Then he went over several options to improve my security system.  He never tried to "sell me" or make me think my ideas were crazy.  He was willing to provide new equipment or install equipment I bought off the web.  
Aaron has what it takes to run a small business, the proper technical and people skills. All that comes at a very reasonable price that won't make you feel taken advantage of.

Author: Lloyd G.

5.0 star rating


I am so glad that our neighbors recommended Aaron Paxton at Divine Protection to us! We had a great experience -- Aaron was responsive, efficient, and friendly. He customized our system to our needs, without breaking the bank! When we wanted some slight adjustments, he made us a priority and got it done fast and at little cost to us. I really appreciated his customer service-oriented approach, and the fact that he was able to customize our system to our needs instead of trying to sell the whole ball of wax (as other companies tried before we found him).

Author: Cherise O.