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I-502 Security Systems


I-502 Security Systems
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I-502 Secueity Systems

I-502 Security Systems

I-502 Security Systems

With the passing of I-502 several entrepreneurs and business people alike are ready to make the move into the industry. WAC 314-55-083 requires the implementation of security systems on your premise or property. Divine Protection, a proven industry leader is willing to help with the securement.

Upon first investigation of WAC 314-55-083 it reads finely printed, it may seem. Trust us it is not. Don't be fooled by other security companies trying to sell you something you don't need, just to pad a salesmen’s pocket. Divine Protection can and will help you sort through the hog wash and only instate what is needed and or wanted.

After reading some of the jibber jabber others have posted I decided to set the record straight. Divine Protection is about protecting people and properties not bamboozling good hardworking folks out of there hard earned money, with there so called get rich quick scheme. This is why Divine Protection is committed to becoming involved with the I-502 scene.

With 16 years of experience in the industry and over 4 years of experience in the medical industry our implementation of security equipment has proven itself time and time again. Are you willing to put your faith into a company that has never even designed a system for the industry, let alone installed one? Let a proven leader help you pave your way.

Satisfied clients include: Have a Heart Aurora, Have a Heart North, Have a Heart Café, Fremont Gardens, Sodo Holistic Health, Seattle Medicinal Clinic, New Millennium South and New Millennium North , just to name a few.

Divine Protection is happy to hopefully serve, you, the client!

“Don’t be caught without us”